Immunity + Complex (14 sachets x 35ml)

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FERMIO’s Immunity + Complex contains a modern blend of Chinese herbs, adaptogens and plant-powered antioxidants is formulated to optimise immune function and reinforce the body’s defences. Naturally-derived anti-inflammatory enzymes and bioactive extracts support a robust circulatory system. Healthy circulation will boost infection-fighting immune cells and help balance your immune response. By modernising ancient healing traditions with state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to distill the restorative power of herbs into a delicious tonic naturally flavoured with tropical fruit juices. 

Our Immunity + Complex is:

  • Formulated by healthcare professionals according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of creating and maintaining balance
  • Powered with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant herbs to support respiratory system resilience
  • Rich in naturally bioactive enzymes that support circulatory health and normal functioning blood vessels
  • Balanced with adaptogenic herbs to assist in boosting physical endurance, increasing energy and promoting a healthy stress response
  • Designed to support your health through seasonal changes

Each tropical flavour sachet delivers a dose of:

Potent Immune Supporting Herbs

  • Astragalus, Jiaogulan, Kudzu Vine, Ginger, Black Garlic, Wild Mint

Restorative Flowers & Plant Extracts

  • Wild Honeysuckle Flower, Prickly Water Lily, Lotus Seed, Chrysanthemum