The 5 x 6 Strong Formula


Who said you can’t enjoy the next phase of life as a woman? Strong Formula is exactly that, a FORMULA that enables a woman to re-discover their identity as they transition through peri-menopause, menopause and help alleviate the symptoms associated with the often tumultuous physical and emotional journey. It is a non-hormonal formula, built on 5 key pillars, to help empower and guide women 40+ to get their “Strong” back in every sense of the word because…STRONG is the next chapter of YOU!

With its Get Strong, Get Rewarded Program, the women in the Formula will not only benefit physically but also with reward points discounts to be enjoyed in the Menotique Store along the way.


Our experienced coaches take you on a journey through our 5 pillars that are the building blocks to the new strong you.

Designed for the busy woman, make fitness a habit using a flexible option that works around YOU. Get STRONGER using 3 x 35min easy step-by-step videos delivered weekly, to be done in the comfort of your own home anytime, anywhere using minimum equipment.

Access tools to manage MOOD & build a fierce ATTITUDE by creating a “can-do” mindset

Manage menopausal weight gain with direct access to our Strong Formula Nutrition Coach PLUS you will receive all meal plans, nutrition lists and recipe E-books on subscription.

Control breathing, induce relaxation and help manage STRESS using our weekly guided breathing lessons.

Unlock your natural ability to SLEEP using our 12- step sleep protocols plan.  An extension to the beginners Sleep course is delivered in Round 2 to further improve sleep patterns.

Strong Formula Programme


Mary will hold your hand and take you on the journey of the Strong Formula to ensure your success. By your side she will work with you to find YOUR STRONG!


- A fully immersive APP that guides you through each lesson of the day and allows you to track your progress and be part of an amazing community of STRONG women.

- A team of amazing support coaches to help you on your journey to STRONG!

- Hormonal, nutritional, exercise strategies, techniques, education and so much more will transform you and your new life everyday.

- Enjoy the Get Strong, Get Rewarded Program and go from ordinary to extraordinary by earning rewards discounts in the Menotique Store for your healthy behaviour.


Mary will hold your hand and take you on the journey of the Strong Formula to ensure your success.
By your side she will work with you to find YOUR STRONG!


Let us take you on the Strong Formula journey and enjoy full access to ALL our Strong Formula Programs and so much more.  We have everything covered to help you 'kick menopause out the door" and all for only USD $19.99 per month.


Meet the Coaches

Mary Doube

Fitness Professional

Mary is a crossfit coach and mentor, and obsessed with revolutionising how women get their strong mind and body back, without sacrificing everything that tastes good. 

Certified Level III & IV in Fitness and Certified Crossfit & Weightlifing Coach

Katie Lyons

Certified Nutrition Coach 

Katie will educate you on all things nutrition, good food choices and so much more.  Her recipes are YUM and will support your Strong Formula journey and beyond.  

Katie is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

Nicole Monteforte

Reinvention and Stress Management Coach

Nicole has been through it all and is on a mission to support women manage stress, anxiety and reinvent themselves as they head into the next amazing chapter of life.

Nicole has a Bachelor's Degree of Physical Education, Certified Level IV Fitness, Foundation in Counselling Certificate, Certificate in Transcendental Meditation.

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