5 x 6 Strong Formula Round 1

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Who said you can’t enjoy the next phase of life as a woman? Strong Formula is exactly that, a FORMULA that enables a woman to re-discover their identity as they transition through peri-menopause, menopause and help alleviate the symptoms associated with the often tumultuous physical and emotional journey. It is a non-hormonal formula, built on 5 key pillars, over 6 weeks to empower and guide women 40+ to get their “Strong” back in every sense of the word because…STRONG is the next chapter of YOU!

With its Get Strong, Get Rewarded Program, the women in the Formula will not only benefit physically but also with reward points discounts to be enjoyed in the shop along the way.


Mary will hold your hand and take you on the journey of the Strong Formula to ensure your success. By your side she will work with you to find YOUR STRONG!

  • A fully immersive APP that guides you through each lesson of the day and allows you to track your progress and be part of an amazing community of STRONG women.


    A team of amazing support coaches to help you on your journey to STRONG!


    Hormonal, nutritional, exercise strategies, techniques, education and so much more will transform you and your new life everyday.


    Enjoy the Get Strong, Get Rewarded Program and go from ordinary to extraordinary by earning rewards discounts in the SF Shop for your healthy behaviour.