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Menopause Doesn’t Have To Be SO Hard!

Reclaim your health and happiness with a non-hormonal method that alleviates symptoms fast.

Sick of menopausal symptoms?

Menopause can take a huge toll on your mind and body. With emotional symptoms like anxiety, depression and irritability, and sore muscles, low energy and other nasties.

But what if there was a way to feel GREAT while transitioning through menopause, instead of feeling low?

What if you could LOSE weight, sleep better, increase energy, relieve anxiety, minimise mood swings, have more mental clarity and get your confidence back, all with a fully natural, non-hormonal approach to treating your menopause symptoms?

The Revolutionary New Method That Is Transforming Menopause Treatment

Strong Formula is a natural, non-hormonal approach to alleviate menopause symptoms. Our interactive platform optimises the 5 critical areas of your health: Activity, Attitude, Food, Breath And Sleep.  Every day you are guided through a new lesson and supported by a coach, while you track your progress and connect with other amazing women just like you.  In other words… It's a proven way to help you get fitter, manage weight gain, sleep better and feel fantastic (without the risks of HRT!)

Michelle - 55 - Professional

When I was going through a dark period of the first six months of my perimenopause, I tried to work out why I was so dizzy all the time. I was feeling very alone and unhealthy, and I hadn't been able to do any exercise. Mary gave me absolute comfort from the start. She understood where I was at. The activities were low impact so that I could ease myself back into exercise and better health. 


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What Makes Strong Formula Different?


Follow a proven, simple and systemised approach for getting results.


Track progress, take notes and be part of a community. It's a coach in your pocket!


Bite sized action items you can check off each day to improve your overall health.


Nutrition and exercise tips tailored specifically to alleviating menopause symptoms.

The 5 Pillars

The Strong Formula is built on 5 key pillars to help empower and guide you to feel STRONG in every sense of the word.


Increase strength and mobility with 3 x 35min step-by-step videos delivered weekly that you can do anywhere using minimal equipment.


Manage weight gain, restore energy and optimise your health with meal plans, nutritional lists, recipes AND direct access to our nutrition coach.


Unlock your natural ability to sleep with our 12 - step sleep plan. Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to beauty sleep!


Develop a fierce 'can do' mindset, improve your mood and overcome negative thoughts with tools to track and manage your emotions.


Learn how to calm your mind, reduce stress and induce relaxation with weekly guided breathing lessons.

Mary’s Menopause Transformation: 
From Physically And Mentally Broken, 
To Thriving In The Prime Of Her Life

After the birth of Mary’s third child she felt “physically and mentally broken”. Crippled with anxiety, perimenopausal and 30 kilograms overweight, she knew something had to change. Unwilling to accept this as her new reality, she wanted to find a way to get her strong mind and body back, without sacrificing everything that tastes good.

Fast forward to today she can now lift a keg above her head and lights up any room she walks into. Using her new-found zest for life she created The Strong Formula that has helped hundreds of other women find their strength and confidence too.

“Mary encouraged me to embrace my physical strength and I was amazed at how lifting the weights activated my heart rate - I really worked up a sweat. Mary is a professional on all leaves with a positive caring and gorgeous empathy, she is an inspiration!”

Lara Scolari, 46, Gallery Owner & Mum of 3

Get It All For Less Than $1 Per Day

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on specialists and hundreds of hours on research, you can follow our simple step-by-step plan for turning your life around. Our app is designed for women with menopause, by women with menopause. We know what you’re going through and how to fix it (and we’ve done it for hundreds of others).  For the low price of $19.95 per month, you get unlimited access to all the app’s features.

ACTIVITY — 3 x weekly workouts you can do anywhere (all fitness levels)

ATTITUDE — Weekly mindset videos from our success coaches.

FOOD — Meal plans, recipes and access to a Nutrition Coach.

BREATH — Weekly breathing audios to manage stress.

SLEEP — 12-step sleep course to unlock your natural ability to sleep.

TRACK — Food, workout, measurements, menstrual cycles and hot flushes.

CONNECT — Access to the “Let’s Talk Sistas” community group.

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