I am known to many as Strong Coach Mary because of my personal journey from being very unwell and quite broken, to strong and with a zest for life. I am a civil engineer by trade, but my personal transformation led me to create my business Strong Formula, which helps other women to do the same thing.  As a crossfit coach and mentor, I am obsessed with revolutionising how women get their strong mind and body back, without sacrificing everything that tastes good. 

I can lift a keg above my head, I can dance, I can light up a room with laughter but I absolutely cannot sing - do not ask me to sing please!

I got myself from a place of being totally broken to so strong, and I want to share it with all women who are struggling. When my clients start lifting heavy weights - and realise they can actually do it - this is when the magic happens.  I thrive on this, because I know it works. I have lived and breathed it myself. Even with my three daughters, I have the same focus.  I drive them crazy, but if I can instil strong in their minds now, then it will become part of who they are. 

My path has been inspired by my own personal story of transformation, from an unfit mum of three to one who is an inspiration for women and men across the globe. I found myself physically and mentally broken after three kids and the stresses of life taking over.  Crippled with anxiety and 30kg overweight, I walked through the doors of my local Crossfit gym and transformed myself physically and mentally – using weights as a tool to build enormous physical strength then mental strength. 

I believe my old wounds give me the unique ability to feel compassion not criticism for my clients. Strong Formula gives me the platform to empower others to create their own destiny and live without fear in the same way I did.  I love the story of the Greek goddesses Artemis, the goddess of hunting, who grants strength and health to others. The alignment in our stories is magical as I use Strong Formula to facilitate strength and health to women in need.

Our Strong Formula Coaches

Mary Doube

Fitness Professional

Mary is a crossfit coach and mentor, and obsessed with revolutionising how women get their strong mind and body back, without sacrificing everything that tastes good. 

Certified Level III & IV in Fitness and Certified Crossfit & Weightlifing Coach

Katie Lyons

Certified Nutrition Coach 

Katie will educate you on all things nutrition, good food choices and so much more.  Her recipes are YUM and will support your Strong Formula journey and beyond.  

Katie is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

Nicole Monteforte

Reinvention and Stress Management Coach

Nicole has been through it all and is on a mission to support women manage stress, anxiety and reinvent themselves as they head into the next amazing chapter of life.

Nicole has a Bachelor's Degree of Physical Education, Certified Level IV Fitness, Foundation in Counselling Certificate, Certificate in Transcendental Meditation.

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